Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors Association





The name of the organization shall be the Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors Association.



The purpose of the organization shall be to:


A. Stimulate cooperative efforts directed toward creation of the best possible Associated Press report.


B. Take an active role in defending the guarantees of a free press provided by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and to resist all efforts to weaken or destroy them.


C. Support all worthwhile efforts to insure and strengthen free access to news and information at all levels of government and to aid all organizations whose work is directed toward this purpose.


D. Conduct studies and surveys to determine the needs and problems of Pennsylvania newspapers and their editors.


E. Conduct seminars, conferences and other meetings at which association members may obtain information to help them improve the quality of their newspapers and assist them in dealing with problems, trends and needs identified in association studies and surveys.


F. Recognize excellence in journalism within Pennsylvania by activities that may include sponsorship of an annual contest, awarding of an annual scholarship, etc.



Every Pennsylvania Associated Press member newspaper automatically holds membership in the association, and may designate those news executives it wishes to attend meetings and participate in association affairs, provided that each member newspaper shall have no more than one vote.


Associate memberships in the organization may be held by employees of The Associated Press and by other persons selected by the voting membership; such associate members to have all rights, privileges and obligations except that they may not vote or hold office.



The board of directors shall consist of the officers and 10 directors from the membership. The officers of the association shall consist of a president, first vice president, second vice president, and treasurer, who may also hold either vice presidency. The normal progression shall be from second vice president to vice president to president, in terms of one year per office.


The same person may hold the office of treasurer for more than one yearly term at the discretion of the president.


The president shall be in charge of planning the annual convention.


Officers and directors shall be elected by a majority vote of newspaper/members present at the annual meeting, with each newspaper having no more than one vote, and shall take office at the conclusion of that meeting. The terms of directors shall be indefinite, provided that past presidents shall move from the board of directors to the advisory board upon the expiration of their term as president. (See Article VI)


Committee chairpersons and members shall be appointed from the directors and advisory board members by the president immediately after the annual meeting, and shall serve at the pleasure of the president.



The combined directors/advisory board members are empowered to act for the membership at all times except during the annual meeting. Meetings shall be convened at least four times per year at the call of the president, with the annual meeting counting as one such meeting. A quorum shall be constituted by a majority of the board of directors, not counting advisory board members. A motion shall be adopted upon approval by a vote of the majority of the directors/advisors present at a duly constituted meeting, provided that each newspaper/member shall have no more than one vote.



In recognition of their past service to this organization and because of their knowledge of the aims and needs of the association, all former presidents shall be permanent members of the advisory board which will consult with and advise the current officers and directors from time to time during the year.


At association meetings, the members of the advisory board shall have equal voting privileges with current officers and directors, provided that no one member newspaper shall have more than one vote.



These bylaws may be changed:


1. By a majority vote of the member newspapers of the association present at the annual meeting.


2. By a two-thirds vote of the directors/advisors present at two consecutive association meetings, provided that those meetings be held at least one month apart and, in the interval between first and second passage, proposed changes shall have been circulated to the membership and no objections received. If objections are received prior to the second vote, those specific bylaw proposals may not be changed except by a majority vote of the member newspapers of the association present at the annual meeting.



These bylaws supersede all other bylaws previously adopted.


Adopted May 21, 2004
State College, Pennsylvania